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Terms & Conditions

Legal Disclaimer

Welcome to Tantra Veda, the world's largest occult & spiritual store having genuine tantric & miraculous talismans. Our Terms & Conditions are designed to establish the legal relationship between our site visitors and us as the owners of this website. We recommend that you carefully read and understand our T&C before using our website. 

The Basics of Our T&C

Our T&C are specific to the needs and nature of our website. They address a wide range of issues, including who is allowed to use our website, the types of payment methods we accept, the warranties we give our customers, and our right to suspend or cancel a member's account. Our T&C also include a declaration that we may change our offerings in the future.

What Our T&C Include

Our T&C cover a variety of topics, such as intellectual property and copyright issues, and the disclaimer that the information provided on our website is only for general and educational purposes. To learn more about our T&C, please read our full Terms & Conditions policy.

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