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Talisman, Amulet, Sacred Spiritual Objects, Charms & Taweez in Islam

Many Muslim & Islamic Scholars said that these occult talismans, talismani pathar, amulets, taweez etc. gives a direction towards the religion which conveys adaptability and strong believes in islam or muslim religions. They said that individuals or persons selling these talismans are considered as messengers of Allaah. This was the view of AbdAllaah ibn Amr ibn alAas and others. This is the apparent meaning of the report narrated from Aaishah and it was the view of Abu Jafar alBaaqir and Ahmad, according to one report. One should use these talismans in the names and attributes of Allaah only. This appears to be the view of Ibn al Qayyim. 


In islam, Islamic culture and muslim religions widespread across the globe, it is believed that these miraculous occult talismans can be used for both - raising evil and for the benefit of mankind. But there are certain talismani occult and spiritual goods and items, which are used specifically for the benefit of mankind. Even Allaah permits to use them for your own good. Except from human parts, almost all these items are permissible to use in the name of Allaah and its guiding rules and principles. These should be used, worn or hung in the name of allaah to justify your religion and faith in allah.

From many centuries, muslim scholars and occult practioners are using these miraculours talismani occult items like siyar singhi, kali billi ki jer, billi ki naal, hatha Jodi with root, naag mani (naagmani), talismani pathar or space stone, various types of taweez, amulets, lion’s teeths, lion’s nails, kastoori, elephant pearls, etc. just for their own benefits and to attains the impossible in the name of allah. All those muslim and Islamic scholars were dedicated to their religion and wanted good of their own people.

A talisman is any object that is infused with protective powers & all cultures have expressions of such objects. In the world of Islam, they bear Quranic legends, astrological signs & religious chronicles. Many Muslims believe that an object that is charged with the word Allah will protect the person & the word of God has the power to clear off all evil. These talismanic objects can be covered with prayers, verbal signatures, signs, numbers etc., & the object is carried in a pocket / rolled / placed in an amulet case, put in a safe place/place of worship/almirah & some talismans are worn along the neck/hands/arms along with the clothing.

The most effectual talismans are those that are activated with prayers that evoke the name of God / Allah / Prophet Muhammad and/or his companions. The ninety-nine names of God verses from the Quraan, & Hadith are taken and stimulated into texts that are meant to be good omens. Talismans that contain verbal activations with the names of prophets and religious gods / figures have the power to protect an individual from destitution and endangerment by acting as channels between these holy figures and the person possessing / carrying these talismans. This is also true of devotional manuals by shaikhs with ways stating that whoever wears / possess / hung / use them will be protected from wizards and supernatural powers / jinns. The verbal and or written significations of certain gods / prophets are more effectual than others.

Many other religious descriptions also carry talismanic powers. The story of the miracle of the seven sleepers of Ephesus in the Quraan & the act of narrating the story of the seven christian who found a cave and slept for several hundred years are the fine examples of them. When recited with sacred words over these talismans, they become a remnant and talismanic object in Islam. Talismans not only safeguard but guide their wearers well. They are things that reflect good occult practices. Talismani pathar, spiritual objects, amulets, boxes, mirrors etc. are capable of protecting a person or group of persons from the forces of wicked. When a person is threatened from these evil forces, all he needs to do is to follow the Qur’an and use any one of these or many of these talismani objects and items together for guidance, protection and support.

These permeated items are also used as cures for various disorders. Historically, the stars and the Quraan were referred for almost every deed & medical conditions, and stars and talismanic items became unified. As found in the Qur’an, the stars would guide a person on the journey in this life & the afterlife. The objects discussed here (like: siyar singhi, kali billi ki jer, billi ki naal, hatha Jodi with root, naag mani (naagmani), talismani pathar or space stone, various types of taweez, amulets, lion’s teeths, lion’s nails, kastoori, elephant pearls, etc.) determine the ways in which magic, science & religious believes bind together to provide objects & items with talismanic powers and protect us or the individuals from any harm and evil.

To shed more light on the issue of wearing amulets especially those containing verses from the Glorious Quran here is the Fatwa issued by Sheikh M S Al Munajjid a prominent Saudi Muslim lecturer and author:

“Amulets are things made from occult, spiritual, bones etc. and worn on anywhere on the body of children / adults / swung in houses, cars, in order to ward off evil, especially the evil eye and to bring some benefits to the user/wearer.

Zaynab the wife of Abdullah ibn masud reported that `Abdullah Ibnmasud stated that he heard the Messenger of Allah saying – By Allah, when I was weeping eczema, I kept going to so and so the Jew, who did a spell for me and made the thing calm down. Abdullah said - That was just the work of Allah, who was picking it with his hand and when uttered the spell. All you needed to do was to say as the Messenger of Allah  used to say on the sacred talismani objects or items & remove the harm. O Lord of mankind, and heal, you are the Healer. There is no healing but Yours, a healing which leaves no disease behind. And while healing, these are the only talismans which support this healing process. And god and allah helps cure these sins.


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Note: In occult trade, occult practices and vidhis are the most secretive practices, which are meant to be remain secretive from the jaatak and from general public. Apart from this, these practices are kept secret as these can be copied, followed and the benefits can go as low as nil to the jaatak, when exposed to people. So we follow these strict vedic rules and norms and do not expose any of these occult puja vidhis and practices to anyone.

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