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Kamiya Sindhoor

Highly Charged, Energized & Activated, Original
With A Set of Intructions on How, When & Where To USE


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Marriage Ceremony & Saat Phere | Kamakhya for Money & Wealth

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Here are the details about Kamiya Sindhoor. You can know about what experts say or our pauraanic granthas say about this miraculous product.


Kamiya Sindoor (Specially Formulated Vermillion) is also called Kamakhya Sindhur. It is useful for Vashikarn and Winning any court case and getting rid of enemies. This Siddha Kamakhya Sindoor is beneficial for evil eye, fears, spirit, haunted places and devi (goddess) worship. This Siddha Kamakhya Sindoor is highly charged and energized by shakti mantras and other vedic methods. Kamakhya Sindoor is received from Kamakhya Devi temple at Kaamroo Area in Assam. It is highly charged already and is used in worshipping of goddess. This is an extremely powerful Sindoor and is basically used by Tantriks. Used it for 41 days and see the magic. It is also used when worshipping Tantrik Goddess like Kali, Rudra Bharvi, Chandi Mata, Sri Kaal Raatri, Dhoomavati Mata and other Tantra Goddesses.

Tradition of wearing sindoor is said to have started 5000 years ago. Female figurines excavated at Mehargarh-Baluchistan, shows that sindhoor was applied to the partition of women's hair even in early Harappan civilization. It is interesting to note that the ancient tradition has still not lost its charm and married ladies still follow it.

Astrological Significance of Sindoor 
According to Hindu astrology, Mesh Raashi or the House of Aries is on the forehead. The Lord of Mesh is Mars and the symbolic color is red. It is believed to be very auspicious. That is why red sindoor is applied at the forehead and at the parting of the hair. Both are signs of saubhagya (good fortune). Sindhoor is also considered to be the symbol of the female energy of Parvati and Sati. 

Physiological Significance of Sindoor 
It is interesting to note that that the application of sindhoor by married women carries physiological significance too. This is so because Sindhoor is prepared by mixing turmeric-lime and the metal mercury. Due to its intrinsic properties, mercury, besides controlling blood pressure also activates sexual drive. This also explains why Sindhoor is prohibited for the widows. For best results, Sindhoor should be applied right upto the pituitary gland where all our feelings are centered.

Effects, Benefits & Uses of Kamiya Sindhoor
• Increases the body aura level and makes it strong.
• Helps in gaining power for kundlini jagran / awakening
• Enhances the power of third eye.
• Protects from negativity & negative effects of tantra & mantra.
• Builds strong will power.
• Boosts tantra & mantra power.
• Fosters strong and deep meditation.
• Increases the hypnosis power.
• Cultivates healthy husband & wife relationship.


Note: Proper energization and activation is required, i.e. pran-pratishtha and shuddhi. We do sarvarthsiddhi and then send the product to the customer.

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